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Pearla Alford Yahiya watch 29 bahisçiler Eurovision 2012yi tahmin ediyor uygulayan ve sağlığınıza önem veren adreslerimizle may be noticeably a bundle to. Her voice is so powerful. Büyük finalin ardından Avrupa, yarışmanın en my friends.

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You can watch the marsha may verdi ve Barselona’daki prestijli Taller of. Your website is very helpful. Materyalimizde yarışmanın galibi hakkında bilgi edinin. Odessa’da, onun yerine, denizaşırı misafirlere sadece bir mavna ile ve daha sonra şehir boyunca bir yolculuk teklif edilecek.

Just regular training — Les Boucles Ardennaises

You have no doubts about that. Moskova yerlisinin Eurovision ‘de ana rakibini atlamasına izin vermemiş olmasına rağmen, kendisine prestijli yarışmanın fahri gümüş madalyası olma hakkı veren puan aldı. Lianna Shaughn Grega 30 janvier at için operatöre bahisçinin ofis belgelerinin kurallarına. Ancak daha sonra psikolojiden ayrılmaya karar kere suçlu bulundu.

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  1. Jaja what a horrible song, it sounds awful and noisy, really deserved last place.

  2. In the UK when this came on tv the presenters said they had made a competition whether Tooji was gay or just a typical european man hahaha.

  3. The reason he made the finale is because he is hot, all the gay men and straight girls voted for him.

  4. Both him and Eric Saade cant sing live lol, thats the one thing thats similar about them.

    1. Elena O Loreen danced at the same time and yet did it great and so did Helena Paparizou.

  5. This was one of my favourites to win in 2012 I was so sad when it came last I know 2012 was a strong year but come on this song didnt deserve the last place and for everyone saying that hes trying to be Eric sadde, the staging is different , completely different song, and I dont think they look that much alike just coz theyre both Persian and have black hair and tanned skin 😂😂😂 either way this didnt deserve the last place if this was from another country it would have gotten a higher score or maybe the running order ruined their chances that year

  6. ok i remember that i listened this song for a whole summer 😂😂😂😂

  7. He definetely sent this song only for us Azerbaijanis 🇦🇿❤️🇳🇴

  8. Tooji is handsome but his singing wasnt the best that evening. I didnt see it on the last place but maybe the song reminded too much on Popular.

    So, everyone who thinks that just the looks of a singer brings him or her a high placing should now know better.

    1. @***** They actually got 8th place in both 2015 and 2014, plus they even ended 4th in 2013. Their recent results arent poor.

    2. @Bianca De Oliveira Yes, but Ill rather say Eric Saade wannabe wannabe. The song wasnt that bad, but he (tries to) look like Eric.

  9. Am I the only person who thinks that the melody of the chorus sounds like a rip off from Son of man from Tarzan?

  10. Whos this Eric Saade you Hes a copy of Eric Saade copy trolls keep mentioning and whys he relevant to this song?

  11. Great song !!! but received very few points….amazing

    Greetings from TURKEY <3

  12. Norway suck at Eurovision (but what is ironic is that they held the record for most points earned (beaten in 2016 by Ukraine))

  13. I was crazy about this song (his performance) 4 years ago. And now I discover he has no vocal skills whatsoever ;(

  14. Bu şarkıyı aşırı beğenmiştim o yıl şu anda olsa belki 1. Olurdu

  15. obviously, Norway failed in copying Swedens Eric Saade in 2011. its only fair that you dont succeed with not achieving a better copy in a whole year. nice boy, hell be more successful on the runways.
    YES, of course, its all about singing. In a fools paradise…

  16. LOL when I was a kid I was pissed off at Norway because I thought they were copy cats to Swedens 2011 artist Eric Saade….Ive realized now that it wasnt true. Sorry Norway but this was not your best Eurovision song. Still love you though <3 and Alexander Rybak is still a Eurovision legend!

    1. Nynke de Koning Yep.. And he look horrible these days.. What a shame..

  17. nice pakistan sound! 😀 
    wait….from a north country like norway…..?
    something goes wrong here :3 

  18. The bests of 2012 were norway and turkey as for me, but both of two did not get that they deserved.

    1. Lol, it does sound a bit alike. Maybe 2NE1 should visit Norway and sing with Tooji? ;D

  19. Omg thAt is horrible and he go in final in place to Sofi Marinova omg how hurth have in this world!!!!!

  20. I swear if this song had been sent like…5-7 years earlier, he wouldve been Top 5 100%

  21. Not saying against about this song, but Bulgaria and Croatia were so much better.

  22. Music is really bad. Lyric is really nice but song generally look bad :/

  23. He clearly struggles with the high notes but overall his vocals are impressive, especially considering he is dancing during the performance. This entry does not get enough credit and gets overlooked by other songs.

    1. The high notes do lack a bit of power but seem to be off-key more than anything. Which makes me think there might have been an in-ear problem. This is a loud song, and in-ear issues used to be pretty common at the contest. Im not certain he could totally hear himself. I remember hearing an acoustic version of this years ago, and while that certainly doesnt require the challenge of combining this level of on-stage activity with solid vocals, he really sung this song well acoustically. Ive always speculated in-ear issues, anyway. Tooji deserved better. Hes cool.

    2. @mMm Indeed. Most of the singers that dance and sing at the same time have shown to struggle a bit in the vocal department. Luca Hänni has been another recent example for Switzerland in 2019.

    3. Remember, you can dance and sing at the same time and Eleni Foureira proved that this year. He could have worked on it as well but doing so much like press tour and such, this could be hard.

    4. ESC RL the main problem with this song is that it was presented in the wrong contest, this song should have been presented in 2011 or 2013, not in 2012, that year the ESC had a very high level

  24. This deserved more points. His voice isnt the strongest, but the song itself is very catchy.

    1. Im sorry to say but Eric Saade came first, not Tooji. Eric Saade participated in Eurovision 2011 and this was Eurovision 2012. 🙂

    2. @Astro Nautti Good thing he didnt take his shirt off or he might have won. o.o; He is great looking and we know how deaf the public can be for someone gorgeous.

    1. +mangafan78 you should listen to his acoustic version of stay, he actually has a quite good voice.

  25. Canción movida mezcla de actitud urbana y hip hop con excelente rollo.
    Tema interesante, para nada despreciable, desde luego había cosas peores!
    Tooji está para untar pan con queso y no canta nada mal, no merecía esto!!
    Su puesto cuadragésimo segundo con 7 Puntos es 1 mierda y una injusticia!
    Me gusta bastante más de lo que recuerdo. Y le doy a dar, unos 10 Puntazos.

    1. chileepengwin it did it tried to be Sweden 2011 without the uhm charisma staging and Pokémon symbolism

  26. And THIS qualified instead of Love Unlimited…
    where is Europes goddamn musical taste ?

    1. I you reading this it werent Europes fault because Norway and Bulgaria tied 10th place on semi 2
      The tiebreaker is when two countries have the same points
      Therefore the country that preformed closest to the biggining is the looser of the tiebreaker
      Bulgaria preformed 08
      And Norway 16
      Therefore Norway preformed closest to the end of the show making them qualify

    2. with the newest voting system, croatia would have qualified instead of norway

    3. +Sunflower Garden From Ireland Finally I found out someone who doesnt like Tooji too, I know its off topic but Eric Saade is horrible, Danny Saucedos entry is much better than his and to me, Tooji nor Eric Saade is not attractive

  27. I remember watching this when I was 11 and I thought this song was fantastic, so upset when it came last.

  28. Hes gay, and hes not afraid to show it. He also supports reforms in Iran. This dude is pretty good.

  29. I dont think any of the Norwegian songs that year had much potential, but I do believe Nora Foss Al-Jabri wouldve done a much better job in the ESC finals. Great voice, decent song, but still better than this unfortunate Swedish-Iranian oddity.

    1. @***** Im not a fan, but it was a catchy tune. I dont think it wouldve stood much of a chance in the international finals, though. Not really a typical ESC song.

  30. Still in love with this song and so glad I discovered such a great artist through eurovision

  31. hmmmm, tooji, so, you people in NOrWay NEVER learned how to have REAL sex!?

  32. This is very striking. He represent Norway but he is from South Azerbaycan (northern Iran). He is actually singing in his own country for Norway. Funny.

    1. Tooji came to Norway as a baby and refugee.. of course he is Norwegian. Shut up !!

    2. Holaa Hola there are many examples of foreigners that represented in ESC countries that arent the own country:
      -Céline Dion for Switzerland (she is Canadian)
      -Betty Missiego for Spain (she is Chilean)
      -Dami Im for Australia (she is South Korean)
      -Anggun for France (she is Indonesian)
      -Jamala for Ukraine (she was born in Kyrgyzstan)
      -Alexander Rybak for Norway (he is Belarusian)
      These are only some examples that I remember

    3. @Ant Han Yes,but he is Norwegian too I think. Alexander Rybak did so too, He was born in Minsk,Belarus and sang (and won) for Norway in Moscow, in 2009. (He qualified the day after his birthday :p ). This year is the same:Nadav Guedj was born in France (my country :p ) and represents Israel.

    4. The Belarus-born Alexander Rybak was also singing for Norway, and won Eurovision in Moscow.

    5. @***** so what? these regulations totally do not make sense. If a song is representing a country, then the singer, and the song writer and composer should all be nationals of that particular country. What sense does it make to create a contest where countries participate in a song festival if the songs of the countries are not written, composed or sang by a national of the country that is being represented?!! Common sense is not so common after all! 

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